Winery Update, May 2022

Are you ready for these wines? These vintages are some of the most outstanding wines we have ever done.

In the vineyard, for the first time ever, we have the staffing bandwidth, to begin the season with a double bud count pruning, that essentially gives us a guarantee of a crop in the event mother nature decides to send us below freezing temperatures. This pruning process begins in December and ends in April. After the risk of freezing passes we then pass back through vineyard to remove the double buds so over-cropping does not occur.

In the production side of the business, we are restarting the construction process as material costs become more reasonable. Two additional sides of the production building have new concrete floors, and we will be beginning the walls soon. Material has been allocated to build a new barn to house our vineyard equipment.

In the winery, live entertainment is scheduled almost every Saturday, or Sunday, and the summer season is looking to be an amazing year to meet new people and enjoy old friends at the winery.

We hope you enjoy this wine release, as we believe these wines are an absolute amazing representation of what can be grown and produced in Indiana. Thank you for your support by being a member of our Wine Club, we couldn’t do it without you!