Winery Update, May 2020

Hello lovely wine club members, we hope you and your family are well and healthy during these strange times. While most of the country has been on lock down, agriculture is deemed an essential service to the people, and WE AGREE! Therefore, we have been hard at work as spring has sprung here on the farm and the vineyard is waking up from its slumber. There is also no better time to get extra projects done around the farm than right now!

So what’s been up in the Valley? Well let’s touch base on the vineyard first. Pruning was finished near the first of April, which is around time the buds start to swell in the vineyard. It’s essential to prune the vineyard prior to bud break, or when the leaves pop out, as it allows for an optimal amount of hang time for the clusters. This means properly ripened grapes, with the right amount of sugar, acid, and FLAVOR! Here in the Valley, we experienced some cold weather conditions during bud break that could potentially cause some damage to the fruit this year. We have also heard reports from around the state of other growers experiencing similar issues. Unfortunately, this is the nature of the business and while we have protected what we could we anticipate some lasting winter damage to effect the harvest of 2020. All things considered, the vineyard looks in great shape and we will be expanding the vineyard again this year!

I’m sure COVID-19 has effected us all in some ways, and we are no different. These times to work on our facility and property have given us some inspiration to change the way to do business. While we don’t have any concrete details currently, we wanted to inform our wine club members first to expect some changes in the tasting room in the future. At the end of the day, any and all changes are specifically made so that we can pay more attention to you, our wine club customers and to our quality Indiana grown wines.  So not only should wine club members see minimal impact, we are hoping you see a positive impact on the value you find from being a part of our club. Thanks for your continued support of our family and family business, during these trying times for small business your continued support does not go unnoticed!