No Agenda & Wine Lovers

Welcome to a Great Indiana Winery!

We are Mark and Maria, recently knighted and damed Sir Mark of the Crossroads, Warden of the Greenwood and Dame Maria of the Greek Kingdoms in episode #1501 of the No Agenda Show podcast.

We love No Agenda
We hold meetups with our Crossroads of America Indy NA Tribal family every month. Find us on

We also love Wine
Maria knows wine as an international traveler, and Mark 100% agrees with his Keeper. We both love Owen Valley wines!

Our two loves joined in talking with Owen Valley Winery owner Tony Leaderbrand about this podcast we listen to, live every Sunday. After picking up a case of some of our favorites (below), we suggested he share the love and value that his whole family puts into their wine with another value-for-value organization, The Best Podcast in the Universe: The No Agenda Show. He said yes.

NA listeners can buy great wine 10% off and 5% of purchase goes to the show!

Tony was a full-time Dude named Ben and part-time wino, when he and Sir Mark started working together in 2008. In 2011, he became the full-time Chief Executive Wino of his family-run Owen Valley Winery and is also a newly elected director of the Indiana Wine And Vineyard Association.

Happy 16th Year, No Agenda Show!

To celebrate the beginning of the No Agenda Show’s sweet 16th year of media deconstruction entertainment, Owen Valley Winery is offering an exclusive discount!

No Agenda fans will receive a 10% discount on all orders and 5% of the order will be donated to the No Agenda Show on the first 333 bottles sold or until March 30, whichever comes first.

Thanks Tony & ITM Owen Valley Winery crew, Sir Mark & Dame Maria

Use promo code “no-agenda” at checkout, when ordering online or in person.